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We just launched a new line of fully vegan Jamu products!

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Packed with plenty of benefits from organic turmeric, ginger, and tamarind, this blend is perfect for turmeric beginners.

The mildly sweet and sour taste with a touch of spice contributes greatly to boosting your immunity and cleansing your gut and digestive tract. This original Indonesian Jamu recipe has over 1,300 years of history and will instantly remind you of Bali.


A refreshing spin from the original Jamu with a nice fruity touch of passionfruit. It has the perfect fusion of both

the eastern herbal taste and the modern flavor.


Drink for a kickstart in the morning or drink one before bed

for a soothing night's sleep. 


apple cider

A modern twist with a distinctive taste from apple cider vinegar and the extra spicy ginger - not to mention its anti-inflammatory benefits which lead to better sleep, hormonal balance,

muscle recovery, bloating cure, and arthritis pain ease.

Many people applauded this fusion recipe for

its extraordinarily unique and intense taste. 

If you are already a fan of turmeric and ginger,

you're going to love this!

garlic ginger

Likely the first-ever garlic beverage product in the world, this

flu & cold fighter blend might sound bizarre when you first hear it, but don't be fooled - the antioxidant-packed and nicely crafted combo of spicy, tangy, and sour aroma

will make you coming back for more!


Even better, plenty of health benefits from all the ingredients combined especially for those with high cholesterol!


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